Artificial Intelligence

The Power of AI & Machine Learning

Advanced Software Algorithms Power Next-Gen Solutions for Automating Threat Detection and Identification

Safe Pro AI’s award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision capabilities enable the rapid, automated processing of aerial and ground-based imagery making it an ideal solutions for a number of applications including demining and in law enforcement and security. The technology currently is being applied to the identification, classification, and clearance of landmines. Built with an extensive proprietary landmine & unexploded ordnance (UXO) dataset compiled from the world’s largest aerial imagery database, Safe Pro AI can rapidly detect threats from aerial imagery, relaying precise GPS location and actionable reporting information to decision makers and ground personnel, greatly increasing the scale and efficacy of remediation efforts. Through the combination of AI, ML, and drone technologies, Safe Pro’s new demining solution directly address the limitations of current mine/UXO clearance methodologies which can be slow, expensive, and dangerous.



Utilizing a variety of off-the-shelf consumer and commercial drones equipped with an array of sensors including optical/thermal infrared/multispectral, our AI model software can now detect 150+ types of mines and UXO with over 90% accuracy including grenades, projectiles, and anti-personnel mines.

Safe Pro AI has developed an AI-assisted drone survey method that quickly and easily provides field operators with maps and locations of 80-90% of the present surface-lain landmines and UXO, enabling them to plan safer and more efficient clearance operations.

Our expanded AI model currently is capable of detecting 150+ types of mines and UXO including:

    • Anti-personnel and anti-tank mines
    • Cluster munitions
    • Projectiles
    • Grenades